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Military Will and Estate Planning in Las Vegas

Military members

What Is Military Will and Estate Planning

In many ways, creating a customized estate plan for a single, or married member of the active duty or reserve branches of the United States military, can be similar to creating a will, trust, or estate plan for wealthy and non-military individuals or families. However, when it comes to military personnel, there are considerations that are unique to members of the military that must be accounted for and planned for.

When developing a military estate plan keep in mind and take an inventory of everything that is personally owned.  This can include property, a car, and even a savings account.  Once the assets have been identified, we can then help you answer questions such as:

  • What happens to my property?
  • Who will oversee my finances?
  • How will my family be affected financially?


Why Williams Starbuck Can Help You With Military Will and Estate Planning in Las Vegas

Because of my service in the United States Marine Corps Reserves, I am both familiar with the considerations that are distinctive to military members, and able to relate to you and your situation while we work together to ensure your estate plan is properly set up, and all aspects and scenarios are contemplated and planned for. 

In cases where you own a home, have investments, or your estate consists of other classes of assets, the base legal office may not be able to adequately assist you with the proper tools and documents you need to ensure that your estate avoids probate, and seamlessly transitions to your loved ones.

Contact Williams Starbuck For More Information About Military Will and Estate Planning

If you are a member of any branch of the United States Military, on active duty, or on reserve and you have questions regarding asset protection or other estate planning matters and how they might affect you, call us at 1-720-660-9847 or send us a message for a free consultation.