A power of attorney protects you and your estate if you cannot make important decisions. But first, you should understand what a power of attorney is and how to get a power of attorney in Las Vegas. We’ll explain it all below, and then you can bring further questions to the estate planning attorneys at Williams Starbuck.

What Is A Power Of Attorney?

Your power of attorney (POA) is a legal document that appoints someone to oversee your affairs if you become incapacitated or unreachable. This agent is your attorney-in-fact and can make financial or medical decisions on your behalf. Your POA spells out the extent of their authority and when it goes into effect, such as immediately upon completion or only if you become incapacitated by illness or age. Your POA expires when you die.

Why You Need A Power Of Attorney In Las Vegas

It can be difficult to imagine a time when you would need a power of attorney in Las Vegas while you’re healthy and of sound mind. But estate planning is essential in all seasons of life. Anyone 18 and older can benefit from creating a POA in several ways.

  • Your family members won’t have to guess what you want when you can’t make vital decisions yourself. With a POA in place, your attorney-in-fact is responsible for making decisions for you within the document’s terms.
  • It can protect your family financially. Your attorney-in-fact can also distribute funds in your name to care for family members, so you and they don’t have to worry about their upkeep.
  • It can protect your attorney-in-fact too. Your family may not always agree with your POA or attorney-in-fact. But as long as they act in accordance with your POA and your best interests, your agent won’t suffer from claims of financial abuse.
  • You’ll have extra protection for your assets. A second person who can handle your financial affairs can be helpful in an emergency. They can take action to protect your business operations, real estate, investments, or bank accounts for you when you are unable to.
  • You’ll enjoy more peace of mind when you travel. If you travel overseas a lot, you might find it beneficial to establish a power of attorney so your agent can handle your financial affairs in your absence.

How To Get A Power Of Attorney In Las Vegas

When you want to create a power of attorney in Las Vegas, the process will go smoother if you hire experienced estate planning attorneys like Williams Starbuck. They can walk you through all the steps of how to get a power of attorney in Las Vegas and help you write the terms of your POA to fit your needs.

Once you find an attorney to work with, you’ll need to

  • Choose one or more trusted people to act as your attorney-in-fact.
  • Work with your attorney to write the terms of your POA.
  • Finalize and sign the POA document in the presence of a notary.
  • Print and distribute copies to your attorney-in-fact and other relevant people.
  • Store your own copies in a safe place.
  • Give copies to financial institutions and government agencies where you have accounts or property listed in your POA.

Establish Your POA With The Experts At Williams Starbuck

When you’re ready to create a power of attorney, the estate planning attorneys at Williams Starbuck are here to help. Get started today by contacting us at 1-720-660-9847 to schedule a free consultation.

When you think about a will, you probably think about the document that gives instructions for distributing your estate after your death. So what, then, is a living will? And do you need a living will in Las Vegas? Let’s explore what a living will is, why you should have one, and how an estate planning attorney can help you write one.

What Is A Living Will?

Unlike a last will and testament, a living will is used while you’re still alive. It is what the law calls an “advance directive” and details your desires for medical care if you ever become incapacitated, incapable of communication, or mentally incompetent.

Unfortunately, there may come a time when you cannot make or express your desires for medical treatment or end-of-life care. While your loved ones and doctors will try to give you the best care possible, they cannot read your mind. A living will let you make medical decisions ahead of time for family and doctors to follow.

So what might a living will include? These are very personal decisions, but a living may include

Your goals for quality of life when incapacitated

  • Instructions for personal hygiene and modesty
  • Directions for when to use lifesaving treatments and when to remove life support
  • Instructions for withholding nutrition and hydration at the end of life
  • Preferences for pain management
  • Religious considerations

When working on your living will in Las Vegas, you may also wish to draw up what’s called a durable power of attorney for health care. This document names a person you want to make medical decisions for you if you become unable.

Do You Need A Living Will?

Nevada does not require you to have a living will, but it is recommended that everyone 18 and older should have one. Even if you enjoy good health right now, anyone can experience an unexpected accident or terminal illness. You should especially consider getting a living will in Las Vegas if you

  • Already have a terminal illness
  • Plan to have surgery soon
  • Are of advanced age

Having a living will helps your family and doctors know how to care for you during a stressful time. It lifts some of the burdens of caring for you and prevents arguments and uncertainties. You’ll also have greater peace of mind knowing that medical care and end-of-life care decisions that are important to you will be honored.


How Can An Attorney Help You Write A Living Will?

Like with other wills and estate planning documents, your attorney can also help you write your living will. You could do it yourself using an online template, but an attorney provides an experienced point of view. They can help you personalize your living will better than a generic template allow and ensure your living will meet Nevada state requirements. They can offer advice about what kinds of things to include. And once you’re done, your attorney’s office can help you get the final document witnessed and notarized.

A living will may be difficult to think about, but the guidance of an expert attorney streamlines the process. You’ll feel more confident knowing everything was done right and that your family will know your wishes for medical and end-of-life care if needed.

Need Help With A Living Will In Las Vegas? Williams Starbuck Can Help

When you need a living will or other estate planning document, the experienced attorneys at Williams Starbuck are happy to help. We make the process simple and discuss everything thoroughly to meet your needs. To learn more about our services, call 1-720-660-9847 or contact us and schedule a free consultation today.