It’s wonderful when you find that special someone to settle down with. For many Las Vegas couples today, “settling down” means cohabitating with a loving partner and forgoing marriage. Unfortunately, inheritance laws haven’t adapted to this modern practice, and unmarried couples have fewer rights than married couples when one partner dies. However, sound estate planning can largely mitigate this issue. Here’s what you should know about an unmarried couple’s rights when one dies in Las Vegas and how you can leave your estate to a surviving partner.

Understanding An Unmarried Couple’s Rights When One Dies In Las Vegas

If someone dies without a will, they die intestate. Nevada inheritance laws then determine who inherits their estate. For married couples, the spouse of someone who dies intestate automatically inherits all shared property.

However, unmarried couples do not receive the same rights under Nevada inheritance laws. If you are not legally married and die intestate, your property automatically goes to your children. If you have no children, your parents are your heirs. If your parents are no longer alive, your siblings become your heirs. If you have no siblings, the law determines who your next of kin is for inheritance purposes. In each case, your unmarried partner has no legal right to your property if you die intestate.

How Can I Leave My Estate To My Unmarried Partner?

Fortunately, unmarried couples have some rights when one dies in Las Vegas. Nevada law must honor your wishes if you name your partner as a beneficiary in a legally-recognized will or a trust. This is why you need a will or trust in Las Vegas if you and your partner remain unmarried. It is the only way to ensure your loved one receives your property if you die before them.

An expert estate planning attorney can help you decide whether a will, trust, or both makes sense. Your choice depends on your ultimate goals for caring for your partner and other family members when you are gone.

How Do I Get A Will Or Trust That Ensures My Wishes Are Followed?

The best way to protect your partner and property with a will or trust is by working with a knowledgeable estate planning attorney. Your attorney knows how to write your will to ensure your loved ones and dependents receive the assets and care you want for them. If a trust fits your needs better, your attorney will help you set one up. They’ll answer all of your estate planning questions. When you’re done, you’ll have an estate plan you and your partner feel confident about.

Protect Your Loved Ones With Expert Estate Planning

Everyone gets to choose who will inherit their estate, and Williams Starbuck is here to help you do so. We’ll help you protect your partner and other loved ones with thorough estate planning. To get started, contact us at 1-702-660-9847 or send us a message to schedule a free consultation.